You Have Decided to Create a Training Video…What Are The Steps?

You Have Decided to Create a Training Video…What Are The Steps?

You have decided in order to be consistent in your delivery that your training team is going to produce a training video. Your training video is more than a short piece of film. This video will be the reference point for everyone that views it. All of its good points will positively reinforce your team over and over again in the future. In order for your video to make an impact, following a five step processes will eliminate headaches and create the impact you are looking for.


One – The Plan
Begin by outlining your plan for your video production. This is not the time to write a script because you will not know what to say or even if you are going to say anything. For instance, you need to decide first whether this will be a presentation made with PowerPoint or with actors. There is no right or wrong choice here. The proper presentation format varies for each training video but you need to make a firm decision about that format before the first camera is every turned on.

Two – The Script
This step still applies even if you are using PowerPoint, slide or other images rather than actors. Do not forget that the script will entail more than just dialogue. You may need sound effects, props, timing, transitions and other additions. Have a producer review the script even after you think it is perfect. An extra pair of eyes may see many opportunities to save money in the production, improve the message and avoid rookie mistakes.

Three – Rehearsal
If you will be using actors, rehearsal is essential. Even though you can use digital film, actors must have time off-camera to learn their roles and practice their lines and movement. Otherwise, the actual filming process can become very frustrating, labor intensive and what should take a couple of hours can take days when rehearsal is neglected.
Rehearsal is also a good time work out bugs, hear how a script sounds and make adjustments. In short, rehearsal is putting intention behind the video.

Four – Filming
Set the date for the shoot. Be present throughout filming even if you are using a director.
In post-production, go through the video and make sure that it follows the script and you are involved in on the spot changes. A professional production company can discuss how sequences will be shot and later edited.

Five – Editing
One of the great benefits of using a professional production company is in the editing. Editing is the process of creating an actual story with the footage. This is the step where music and transitions are added and time is managed. Sloppy or amateurish editing is distracting to the audience and therefore distracting from the message.
While this is a simple overview of the training video production process, it’s important to know, the best videos are created based on the best planning. The more work you do before a camera is turned on, the better the end result. At Pro One Media Productions in Scottsdale, we know how to walk you through each step, effortlessness and affordably to create a training video the holds the attention of your audience and communicates the message you want.

The team at Pro One Media is ready to help you create a video that is perfect for your company. Contact us today at (480) 948-9310 to schedule your FREE video consultation in your office.

Pro One Media Can Help.
If you’re looking for professional training video, Pro One Media will work with you to develop a successful video, created on time and on budget. As stated previously, video is gaining in popularity and is a proven as the best way to training employees and clients. Pro One Media can help you create a training video that will save you time and increase visibility for your company or brand.
We take a 3-stop approach, which is simple and effective:• We meet with our clients to determine length, timing and topic of the video

  • We meet with our clients to determine length, timing and topic of the video
  • We discuss our ideas before filming to ensure that our thoughts align with your goals
  • We develop a blueprint of our work before we turn on the camera to make sure that we are on target

Our success is based on your success; at Pro One Media our goal is to help you grow your business. Visit our Web site today for more information or call us at 480-948-9310

What Are the 7 Most Common Mistakes in Video Production?

What Are the 7 Most Common Mistakes in Video Production?

OK, you have decided that video production is now a part of your marketing budget. It seems like a huge undertaking. Where do I begin? What is my topic? The questions go on and on. I am here to tell you that planning your video production out shot by shot is a tedious job, but the only way you will get the desired video produced. I have sketched out 7 mistakes that are commonly made in producing a video. Some of them sound so elementary but I will tell you that we have all done one or all of these before. So here goes….
Not clear on your audience
Define who you are trying to reach and build your video to attract that audience. You may need more than one video on the same topic if your product or service attracts more than one demographic. Ie retail and wholesale.

Check on the video below. It is meant to be funny but it also shows what happens when you don’t plan for your video production.

No definite purpose
Know what you are trying to say. Tell a story that is compelling but to the point. If you haven’t gotten their attention in the first 15 seconds, you will never get the message to your potential customer.

Winging it
This never works. In order to be compelling you have to write a script. Write your story, so you can tell your story. This is probably the most important task in producing your video. A Teleprompter may be the way to go. Your spokesperson can deliver all your key points in a precise and professional manner.

Don’t forget the creative aspect of your video
A video that effectively delivers your message requires an understanding of the message, the audience and the objective. A good production company will get to know you and your business before starting your video. This may take time on everyone’s part; a good production company will visit you and talk to all involved to understand your business.

Putting your audience to sleep
Keep it short and to the point. There is nothing worse than going on and on. Do Not describe every aspect of your business, keep it short and sweet (about 3 minutes or less) Pick the top 3 key points and deliver them well.

Not allowing enough time to plan for success
Planning will be the make or break of your video. Just because you have one produced doesn’t mean it is watched. Comedic relief is good but beware that this is some of the most difficult lines to write and deliver. If done well, you are a hero, if not, you are just a clown. So, hire the experts and spend the time to make your video a success.

Do not decide on your video solely on the price

Of course, price is always an aspect of your decision; however, you get what you pay for.  Remember you are looking for return on investment.  Lower price doesn’t always produce the best value. Do your homework, know your audience and your message and keep true to the objective.
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Do You Know the 5 Steps for Communicating your Brand Through Video Production?

Do You Know the 5 Steps for Communicating your Brand Through Video Production?


Branding with video increases retail websites conversion rates by more than 30%, and product videos and demonstration videos influence people to make buying decisions. In fact, experts predict that video presentations will soon account for up to 90% of all Internet traffic. As a business owner, trainer or manager, you can enjoy a larger percentage of these sales by communicating your marketing message more effectively. Five steps to better communication and branding efforts include the following tips for video marketing:

1. Credibility builds trust. Trust Increases Sales.
Engaging trust could take years in personal relationships, so marketers figured out how they could create a sense of trust with three-minute videos, this dramatically closing the gap of a sales cycle. Of course, creating complete trust becomes an impossible goal, but you can begin the process and build on it by following similar strategies across all your marketing efforts. Use fewer words but make them count. You can establish authority by showing montages of superior design work, catering jobs or before and after photographs showcasing your skills or products.
2. Be Concise and Memorable
Digital storytelling becomes increasingly important since many searches use mobile devices and mobile users have limited attention spans. Brands and products must tell their own stories, and you choose robust narratives to describe them. If a product requires too much narrative, it will not work in the format of a general promotional video. Choose quality over quantity and explain one product clearly instead of trying to include dozens of possibilities. HTML links in text offer solid contacts for viewers to find additional information.

3. Take Control of the Dialogue
Stay on target and craft a careful scenario that leads to inevitable conclusions. Don’t say that you are the best designer in the country, but explain that you often receive calls for complex and unusual projects from government agencies, fellow designers and builders of conspicuous public projects. In this case, you lead clients to conclude that you handle challenging design needs and are the go-to designer for these kinds of projects. The important thing is to make clients remember you in flattering ways instead of trying to get them to recall all the details of your video.4. Define Your Target Audience
Narrow your projects by prioritizing the value of sales. Some sales generate higher profits from lower revenues, so you might want to promote popular goods and services instead of more exclusive, expensive products. Several targeted videos with clear scripts and strong calls to action work better than expensive, polished videos that try to target everybody. You might target business owners, stay-at-home caregivers, restaurant buyers or trend-conscious teenagers. Know your market and target it so that your branding with video message connects.

5. Use Memorable Names and Benefits for Branding with Video
Find ways to tie your product to your company, website address or distinctive keyword sets in case viewers forget the details. Create a product-profile personality that people remember. If you offer a complex service, tie it to a competitor so that people understand what you do, but you should make a strong case for your product to distinguish it from the competition. Get people and staff to use the same strong descriptions or unique tag lines to reference your message and brand your product indelibly in viewers’ minds.
Keep your videos short, concise, memorable and topical to generate higher returns, stronger links and better returns on Internet searches. Branding with video makes more memorable impressions on busy consumers

How can Pro One Media Help?
The Producers at Pro One Media Productions are experts in helping customer using video for branding. We offer a free and easy consultation process and if we are a good fit, then we immediately start planning your production.
The team at is ready to help you create a video that is perfect for your company. Contact us today at (480) 948-9310 to schedule your FREE video consultation in your office.

Why Use a Teleprompter?

Why Use a Teleprompter?

I was just talking to a client about creating a video for them. The question came up about using a Teleprompter or not. I will tell you from my experience that a Teleprompter is usually a good thing!
When you see a video and it looks spontaneous, it’s not. They are using a teleprompter and have done lots of prep. They have run through the script many times and know where to pause and where to use jesters, smiling and voice inflections etc.
I have attached a video from Anchor Media Studio in Washington, MO. It explains what the benefits of a teleprompter are.

10 Tips in Using Teleprompter
1. Scriptwriting – It is going to be spoken out loud. The written word and spoken word are different. When talking we tend to use I’ve not I have or I’ll not I will.
2. Practice – This will make it look like you are not reading it
3. Energy and Passion – Show enthusiasm, you are trying to excite whoever is watching.
4. Smile – This will help you connect with your audience
5. Eye Contact – This also helps you connect with your audience
6. Use Body language – You must move, you don’t want to look like “Deer in Headlight”, Use facial expressions and hand motions if you generally talk with your hands.
7. Don’t Shout – Talk as if you are speaking to one person.
8. Don’t follow the TelePrompTer – The operator will follow you and your speed of speech .
9. Don’t Freak Out – Remember your message and if you make a mistake…that is what editing is for.
10. Enjoy Yourself – Have a good time. Being in front of the camera does not have to be scary!
Pro One Media is a full service video production company located in Scottsdale Arizona. Check out our website for more information and samples.
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Setting Goals for Video Projects Is Most Important

Setting Goals for Video Projects Is Most Important

Setting Goals for Video Projects Is Most Important

A professional quality video production comes from creating a list of goals for the production itself as well as the finished product. Of all the goals you have in mind, there are three that are integral to the video production process. These are deciding how much money you can afford to spend on a professional video, determining your expectations, and setting a deadline.

Production Budget

First of all, you must have a budget in mind. How much money do you have for the project? Do you plan to borrow? If so, how much can you afford to pay back? Keep in mind that not every professional production company charges the same rates. Inquire about typical budgets to get an idea of whether you can work with their budget. It takes money to make money. A successful video production should bring in more revenue than it takes to create it.

Marketing Success

Second, you must determine what you want from the production, such as how much of a profit you wish to make, who the target audience will be and the reaction you wish to inspire, and your idea of overall success. For example, you might want to produce a quality marketing video to improve your sales numbers, or maybe you wish to bring attention to a social issue and feel that a video production is the key. Of course, your budget will play a part in determining your profit and social issues call for donations. Your expectations help to determine your strategy.

Production Timeline

Third, decide on a time frame and set a deadline. When it comes to a professional quality video production, of course you will want it to be finished as quickly as possible, but you will not want to sacrifice the quality and message. Allow some time for any setbacks, new ideas, and making sure to get the right message across to your audience. Pro One Media Productions believes in putting our focus and time into the planning of all the videos we produce. A well-planned production is much more likely to produce desired expectations than one that is thrown together too quickly. Our company advises a 30 day deadline in order to guarantee the best quality results. We can produce a video in just a few days if our clients insist we do so, but we do advise against it.
Plan for budget and expenses, know the end results you want, and create a time schedule that works. Following these steps will assist you in planning a successful, professional quality video production.
The team at is ready to help you create a video that is perfect for your company. Contact us today at (480) 948-9310 to schedule your FREE video consultation in your office.

Keeping Up with the Times

Keeping Up with the Times

Video Business Cards

Keeping up with the times!
That’s a hard thing to do because technology is changing so fast. I know that sometimes my head spins because of the all the changes. One thing you can do it create a Video Business Card. It is just an updated view of the business card you have in your pocket or purse. It will give your clients a lasting impression of who you are. It is really simple to do… it essentially is your 30 second commercial of your business put on video. Creating a video business card is a fun and inventive way to introduce yourself to your customers. A Video Business Card is mobile and is there when you can’t be. Just think of it as networking 24/7!
Take a look at Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce’s Video Business Card. It showcases one of the services that they offer. The Video Business Card is in any office or on any phone and allows you to watch it at your leisure, over and over.
What every business owner is looking for is brand recognition. What better way than your Video Business Card. Showcase your business every day.

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