Keys to Creating the-Video Ad Your Business

Keys to Creating the-Video Ad Your Business

Distributing a message is easier via video than with other media, including your website. The catch is, that video has to be good.

62% of consumers are more likely to have a negative perception of a brand that published a poor quality video. (source – Hubspot)

As marketers find more innovative ways to grab people’s attention, video has become a meaningful part of the strategic marketing conversation.
Video is no longer an “up-and-coming” marketing tactic — it’s here, and it’s a powerful way to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with your customers and prospects.
Let’s take it a step further, if video is the way we market in the 21st century, then content should be king. Video that is not thought through or done without planning is a waste of time and money. Consumers are smart and they won’t watch video that doesn’t grab them in some way.

An Extra 24 Hours of Kindness – #DayItForward | Chevrolet

Are you ready for Leap Day? Stay tuned for acts of kindness, famous faces, surprises and more! #DayItForward

Posted by Chevrolet on Monday, February 29, 2016

For example, Chevrolet and Day It Forward which was launched on Leap Day 2016. It used celebrities to bring authenticity to the video. What this video shows is the genuine Pay It Forward mentality. It takes the celebs out in the community and out of the spotlight and highlighted their real storytelling. It’s a heartwarming video and you remember Chevrolet. They are not selling anything but you will remember.

When shooting video for your business and you include interviews make sure that each person is well versed in the product but not rehearsed. You want the enthusiasm to show through. Your audience will see the difference. The interview should be casual with someone off screen asking questions of the interviewee. When your personality naturally shines through, your audience will relate to you more.

Given the ever-increasing importance of video in today’s business landscape, quality video ads are as essential as a website for effectively defining your brand’s values, purpose and product. You’ll not only be able to reach your target audiences quickly and easily, but you could also attract customers you didn’t know you were looking for.

How Can Pro One Media Help?
The Producers at Pro One Media Productions are experts in helping customer use video for branding. We offer a free and easy consultation process and if we are a good fit, then we immediately start planning your production.
The team at is ready to help you create a video that is perfect for your company. Contact us today at (480) 948-9310 or to schedule your FREE video consultation in your office.

So…You Think You Can Create a Great Script for Video?

So…You Think You Can Create a Great Script for Video?

That’s a nice title, but let me tell you that scriptwriting is a talent. Whether it’s for general video production, corporate video or marketing and sales video, it is best done by a professional. Scriptwriting is an art form and is different than just writing a blog. There are many layers that go into a video script that will make it successful. Scriptwriting is a tedious job and takes a lot of time to get it done right. If you are trying to spend your money wisely, you may not want to try scriptwriting. I would suggest that you leave it to the professionals and pay the fee. Having said that, here are several things to consider as you move forward with your script

1 What Are Your Goals?
This is a good way to identify the parts of your video/story. It will also help you stay on task and not get too far from your goal.


Why tell the story?
Who is my audience?
Why do they care?
What is the value?
What should the viewer take away from this?
These questions will help you create an outline for your script.

2 Engage Your Viewer
Going from point to point and following your outline will insure that you get all the information included in your video, but it will not be compelling. You can only do that by engaging your audience.
Hook them in! The most important aspect of your video is to engage the audience. Whether it is a great story, a bit of humor, an amazing stat, etc. The most important thing is to get the audience hooked right away.
Stick to a single message. A fatal mistake is telling too much of the story. I know that the product is your “baby” but most consumers don’t care about all the whys and where for’s. They want to know why they need it. You are making video, use visuals that will impress and captivate.
Provide Insight, connect the dots. Your audience has the data, now they need the reason behind the data. Help them to understand your data with examples and applications.
Setup and payoff: This is the reason the story is so compelling. Everyone wants to know what happens. There should be an appeal so your viewers are invested in your product.


3 Nail You Call to Action
It’s tough to get the right and compelling CTA. You have built a good story but now you have to make sure your audience takes action. There is nothing worse than forgetting how important a CTA is and leaving them wondering what is next. Just putting up your logo and web address is too conventional and too salesy. You don’t have to wrap everything up with a bow, sometimes it’s good to leave you audience in suspense or intrigue them to an action. Your CTA should be influenced by what you want them to do.
Your audience should…
Share this video?
Sign up for a demo?
Subscribe to your newsletter
Download a document.
Your narrative should direct them to this ending.

4 Trim Your First Draft
Now that you have written your first draft, start hacking away at reducing the script.
Using too many words only dilutes your message. A memorable video uses bold statements backed up with great video and/or graphics.
Go through your first draft several times and keep cutting out unnecessary words. Things to watch for:
Big words: Keep it short and sweet. Also keep it simple
Too much information: Good video scripts pack a punch. Take out anything and everything that does not need to be there. To be a good editor, you need to understand that you can cut words but preserve what matters.

5 Rewrite Your Script
For your audience. Now that your story is written, it’s time to turn it around and look at it from your audience’s point of view. The success of your video depends on whether or not your audience gets it!
Will they understand the concept?
Write the script so your audience can get the message. Keep it simple without insulting them.
Is the story interesting to the audience? This is how you keep them hooked.
Again, keep it simple. Technical terms and phrases will confuse them and then you have lost them.

6 Choose the Right Tone
This is so important for your video. It must have emotion and be able to tell who you are and what you are talking about. Your tone can be light hearted and refreshing even with a serious subject… if it’s appropriate. Well executed humor can help the brand. Make sure the humor is spot on and hits the mark. Your audience should get it 100%. This is tricky ground but if you nail it, the rewards are great.

7 Read Your Script Out Loud
This is tremendously important. The written word is very different than the spoken word. Try and read a bestselling novel out loud. This is difficult to do and most times there are tongue twisters that the brain can overlook when reading. It is best if you read your script in one take and record it. The playback will tell you a lot about your script.

8 Get Feedback
You have now spent a great deal of time working and reworking your script. You know it inside and out. It now time for you to share it with a friend or colleague that will give you honest feedback. This process will reinforce your confidence that your script has hit the target. It is a win-win.

This is a tedious process, but it will pay off in the end. Without a good script all the things that follow, no matter how good they are will not result in a success. So before you hire actors, turn on the lights and say “ACTION”, take the time to create a well thought out script.

The team at is ready to help you create a video that is perfect for your company.  Contact us today at (480) 948-9310 or email to schedule your FREE video consultation in your office.


Video Production Tips — What Should I Say?

Video Production Tips — What Should I Say?

What should I say?

Here’s another one of those questions we get from people who are going to be in the corporate video we are shooting. Many people are nervous about using the right words, phrases, and inflections. And most of the people we work with aren’t on camera on a regular basis, so it’s understandable when they aren’t 100% comfortable. But, having a little knowledge about what you are getting into ahead of time can certainly help calm some fears. Video production can be a scary thing! AND remember video editing is a life saver. We can always make you look good.

What Kind of Video Is It?

The type of video you are shooting is definitely going to impact what you say and how you say it. Is the video scripted? If so, will you be memorizing or using a teleprompter? Each one has benefits and drawbacks, but you can certainly prepare yourself for either. Are you being interviewed in the video? This is a more casual approach and you should treat your responses as such. We shoot both kinds of videos, so here’s a glimpse into ou process and some tips to put you at ease in either case.

The Tutorial or Talking Head Approach

  • First of all, just know that we will be bringing in several pieces of professional equipment. Some people expect this, but it can also tend to be a little daunting for others.
    Corporate videos are very common place in today’s world. Using a script and a teleprompter is usually the best way to go in this scenerio. Most times this is your first exposure to being in a video. It is a little daunting! You’re staring at a big black box, there are several lights shining on you and now you are expected to perform. Suddenly you don’t know anything about your business or product! All of your thoughts and words have left you. Your script and our teleprompter can stop this from happening.
    Let’s talk about the script for a minute. Prepare…Prepare….Prepare…. Writing an article and writing a script are two different animals. There are a few things to remember
    • The spoken word is much different than the written word. Read your script out loud in front of the mirror. If you are having trouble getting the words out, now is the time to change your script.
    • Keep it simple and to the point. Remember your audience does not know your product as well as you.
    • Practice reading it several times so that you are comfortable with the message

The Interview Process

You will not have to look at or “talk into” the camera. One of us will just be asking you questions (interviewing) — basically, we will just be having a conversation with you. You will keep your eyes on the person off camera that is asking the questions.

  • Our questions will not be in the video. So, it is helpful if you restate the question in your answer. If we ask, “How long have you lived in Scottsdale?”, you should respond, “I have lived in Scottsdale for five years”, not just “Five years.”
    • Don’t script your answers ahead of time. The questions will be ready for you to go through. It is fine to prepare and get a good idea of what you will be discussing, but when you script your answers, it sounds forced, not conversational.
    • If you don’t like what you said, we’ll just take another pass at it. No pressure.
    • We may ask you to answer a question again or say things a little differently. We often ask people to condense what they said in 30 seconds or less. It doesn’t mean we didn’t like what you said the first time — it just means we’re making it work for the video.
    • Just relax…you know what to say. It is your story, your business, your job, your life. You know it best, so trust that you’ll do your best when talking about it.

You’re in Good Company
You’re not the first one and you won’t be the last one to be a little nervous when it comes to being in a video. In fact, there are times that people leave an interview session unsure of the value of what they said. But I can’t tell you how many times someone has seen their video and said, “You made me sound like I know what I’m talking about” or “You actually made me sound smart.” So, have some confidence in yourself. Most likely, you’ll find you know just what to say.


Pro One Media Can Help.
Our success is based on your success; at Pro One Media our goal is to help you grow your business. Visit our Website today for more information or call us at 480-948-9310 or email

What Is The Most Powerful Way To Communicate With Your Customer? … Video!!

What Is The Most Powerful Way To Communicate With Your Customer? … Video!!

Today, we are constantly bombarded with images and the internet has increased our daily exposure. In fact, more than 2,000,000 blogs are published each day; each of us are exposed to over 5,000 advertisements/brand endorsements per day yet 30 years ago, the number was just 2,000. With so much information out there, how do we gain an advantage and have our target audiences remember us and stand out from our competitors? How do we turn our targets into customers? There are numerous things we can do to make an impression.

One of the key ways we can make an impact is to tell our story with more than words and pictures. The art of making a lasting impression with measurable results is to add video as an element in your message. Since social media sites like You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat have made their mark in the marketing mix, the ability to make an impression with video is easier than ever. In fact, over 300 hours of video are uploaded to You Tube EVERY MINUTE! And Facebook is getting more daily minutes watched than You Tube, a trend that has been increasing primarily over the last 18 months.

No matter what your company does, having a video strategy in place should be a key part of your overall marketing efforts. Video production and video editing is increasing in popularity since marketing and sales videos are now one of the biggest social media platforms.
According to Hub Spot, video is no longer an “up and coming” marketing tactic, it has become a “powerful way to communicate your brand story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with your customers and prospects.

  • Here are some additional facts from Hub Spot:
    Why Adding Videos to your Web site is a smart marketing strategy:
    • Conversion rate statistics are staggering. Inserting a video in an email leads to a 200-300% increase in click-through rates.
    • A video on your landing page can increase conversion by approximately 80%
    • According to You Tube, mobile videos increase by 100% each year.
    • A video can lead to a buying decision by 64% for online purchases.
    • Real estate listings that feature a video receives 403% more inquiries than those without a video.
    • Executives search for more information on a business or product by 50% after viewing a video.
    • 65% of executives visit a web site after viewing a video for a product or service.
    • 39% of executives call a potential vendor after viewing a video.
    • Content with video gets 94% more views than those without.
    • 51% of marketer’s name video as the marketing strategy with the best return on investment.
    • Videos are processed up to 60,000 times faster than a text without video.
  • Helpful Tips for Your Video Strategy:
    • Before we turn on the camera, make sure you know what you want to communicate to your audience. Plan your key messages and practice several times before recording.
    • In order to capture the biggest audience possible, don’t make your video too long. 1-minute is an accurate amount of time to communicate a blog message.
    • Keep the video simple, one story and one character should be used to communicate your message.
    • Since video content is shared more often than other types of social media content, make sure that its posted on all public social media sites, sent to prospects, customers, etc.
    • Measure your results with measurement tools like Wistia to see how your video is performing.

Capabilities of ProOne Media:Pro One Media Productions is a full-service video production company located in Scottsdale Arizona. We serve the Phoenix metro area. We specialize in meeting your individual needs using sharp images, vivid color, clear sound, and creative editing characterize every production. We use the latest equipment and technology to create videos that communicate your message!
Choosing a professional video production company to create your corporate videos, training and safety videos education and enrollment videos and medical and patient videos can go from ho-hum to exciting and captivating with the help of a strategic video campaign. ProOne Media will work with you to develop a successful video, created on time and on budget. As stated previously, video is gaining in popularity and is a proven marketing tactic. Whether you’re looking for a series of one-minute blog videos or an hour long training video, ProOne Media can help you gain followers and increase visibility for your company or brand.

We take a 3-stop approach, which is simple and effective:
• We meet with our clients to determine length, timing and topic of the video
• We discuss our ideas before filming to ensure that our thoughts align with your goals
• We develop a blueprint of our work before we turn on the camera to make sure that we are on target

Our success is based on your success; at ProOne Media our goal is to help you grow your business. Visit our Web site today for more information or call us at 480-948-9310 or email

Do You Know Your “Why”?

Do You Know Your “Why”?

Video production is how we get face to face with clients in the 21st century, but before the internet, I would actually meet clients face to face(now that’s an interesting way of doing business?!). The excitement in my voice during that meeting was my “Why”. Today most of us don’t meet face to face any more. The personal touch and excitement is lost in a text or email. Now we are relying on our blogs, websites and videos to do that work.

Getting your clients or customers to buy your service or product depends on your ability to give them a compelling reason to do so. When creating an Introduction Video of your product, the script needs all of your “Why” enthusiasm.

In Simon Sinek’s TED Talk video shows you the difference between your “What” and your “Why”. Basically everyone has a what. That’s the reason you are in business to sell your product. However if you give your clients the why you sell your product is becomes extremely more interesting and compelling.

Example: We make a great widget, you wanna buy it? (Your “What”)
My passion is making your life simpler and along the way I found a widget that will not only save you time but it’s beautiful and fun to use. I know that when you see it you will love as much as I do!!! (Your “Why”)

Think about your life and what makes you buy the things that maybe you don’t need. It’s the excitement and the enthusiasm of the delivery. You need it now kind of reaction.

I know there are probably thousands of TED videos but this one stuck with me. Simon makes a good point about your “Why”. It can be contagious to hear someone’s “Why” and makes you want to be part of it or that you have to have it.

As you are deciding what your next marketing strategy is going to be, consider spending time on your “Why”. Let Pro One Media help you create the 21st-century face to face marketing today!

Pro One Media Productions is a full-service video production company located in Scottsdale Arizona. We serve the Phoenix metro area. We specialize in meeting your individual needs using sharp images, vivid color, clear sound, and creative editing characterize every production. We use the latest equipment and technology to create videos that communicate your message!

Why is Setting Goals for Your Video Project the Most Important?

Why is Setting Goals for Your Video Project the Most Important?

A professional quality video production comes from creating a list of goals for the production itself as well as the finished product. Of all the goals you have in mind, there are three that are integral to the video production process. These are deciding how much money you can afford to spend on a professional video, determining your expectations, and setting a deadline.

Production Budget
First of all, you must have a budget in mind. How much money do you have for the project? Do you plan to borrow? If so, how much can you afford to pay back? Keep in mind that not every professional production company charges the same rates. Inquire about typical budgets to get an idea of whether you can work with their budget. It takes money to make money. A successful video production should bring in more revenue than it takes to create it.
Marketing Success

Second, you must determine what you want from the production, such as how much of a profit you wish to make, who the target audience will be and the reaction you wish to inspire, and your idea of overall success. For example, you might want to produce a quality marketing video to improve your sales numbers, or maybe you wish to bring attention to a social issue and feel that a video production is the key. Of course, your budget will play a part in determining your profit and social issues call for donations. Your expectations help to determine your strategy.
Production Timeline

Third, decide on a time frame and set a deadline. When it comes to a professional quality video production, of course you will want it to be finished as quickly as possible, but you will not want to sacrifice the quality and message. Allow some time for any setbacks, new ideas, and making sure to get the right message across to your audience. Pro One Media Productions believes in putting our focus and time into the planning of all the videos we produce. A well-planned production is much more likely to produce desired expectations than one that is thrown together too quickly. Our company advises a 30 day deadline in order to guarantee the best quality results. We can produce a video in just a few days if our clients insist we do so, but we do advise against it.
Plan for budget and expenses, know the end results you want, and create a time schedule that works. Following these steps will assist you in planning a successful, professional quality video production.
The team at is ready to help you create a video that is perfect for your company. Contact us today at (480) 948-9310 to schedule your FREE video consultation in your office.