What Are the 7 Most Common Mistakes in Video Production?

What Are the 7 Most Common Mistakes in Video Production?

OK, you have decided that video production is now a part of your marketing budget. It seems like a huge undertaking. Where do I begin? What is my topic? The questions go on and on. I am here to tell you that planning your video production out shot by shot is a tedious job, but the only way you will get the desired video produced. I have sketched out 7 mistakes that are commonly made in producing a video. Some of them sound so elementary but I will tell you that we have all done one or all of these before. So here goes….
Not clear on your audience
Define who you are trying to reach and build your video to attract that audience. You may need more than one video on the same topic if your product or service attracts more than one demographic. Ie retail and wholesale.

Check on the video below. It is meant to be funny but it also shows what happens when you don’t plan for your video production.


No definite purpose
Know what you are trying to say. Tell a story that is compelling but to the point. If you haven’t gotten their attention in the first 15 seconds, you will never get the message to your potential customer.

Winging it
This never works. In order to be compelling you have to write a script. Write your story, so you can tell your story. This is probably the most important task in producing your video. A Teleprompter may be the way to go. Your spokesperson can deliver all your key points in a precise and professional manner.

Don’t forget the creative aspect of your video
A video that effectively delivers your message requires an understanding of the message, the audience and the objective. A good production company will get to know you and your business before starting your video. This may take time on everyone’s part; a good production company will visit you and talk to all involved to understand your business.

Putting your audience to sleep
Keep it short and to the point. There is nothing worse than going on and on. Do Not describe every aspect of your business, keep it short and sweet (about 3 minutes or less) Pick the top 3 key points and deliver them well.

Not allowing enough time to plan for success
Planning will be the make or break of your video. Just because you have one produced doesn’t mean it is watched. Comedic relief is good but beware that this is some of the most difficult lines to write and deliver. If done well, you are a hero, if not, you are just a clown. So, hire the experts and spend the time to make your video a success.

Do not decide on your video solely on the price

Of course, price is always an aspect of your decision; however, you get what you pay for.  Remember you are looking for return on investment.  Lower price doesn’t always produce the best value. Do your homework, know your audience and your message and keep true to the objective.
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Let the Production Begin!

Let the Production Begin!

At Pro One Media Productions we know that this is probably your first experience into video production. We want it to be something that you will talk about fondly and want to do over and over. I will stress again that it is all in the planning. All the work we have done before in pre-production is so important and can not be rushed. We all want the same thing; that your video hits the mark and is effective for your business.

This is the fun part; you get to see what your hard work looks like. If you have done your homework and have hired the right production company, this will be so exciting that you will want to do many more videos for your company. Let’s get the camera rolling!

Step One – Scheduling

The completion date of your video should be specified in your contract. However,
this time frame is usually negotiable. It is to the video production company’s
advantage to deliver the video to you as soon as possible, but they should resist
sacrificing quality or effort in order to deliver the video prematurely. If you have a
specific deadline for the completion of your video, you should allow two to three
months for the total production. In other words, plan ahead.

Step Two – Approvals and Revisions

Remember though that revisions made too late in the game can be costly.
We recommend that you consider changes or revisions while the video is still in
paper form as an outline or script. These revisions cost you nothing and are
easily accomplished.

The rough-cut edit is the first video assembly of the production in continuous form. Revisions and suggestions are still fairly welcome at this point, because changes to the rough-cut edit are still relatively easy to make.
Once the final editing has begun, however, revisions to the video will be time consuming and costly.
It is most important to evaluate the flow of the video, and how easily it gets your message across. Also, verify that the statements and ideas presented in the video are factual and best represent your company.

Step Three – Your Completed Video Production

Rough-cut editing is often performed with temporary titles, narration and other
elements to judge the structure and flow of the video. When this version of the
video is completed and approved, more polished titles, special effects, music,
and narration are produced and rendered in the fine-cut edit. This finished video
is transferred to a Digital Edit Master. You will use this Master to run duplicate copies as well as posting on various websites and social media sites.

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Take flight – RS Warbirds

We have been busy this summer at Pro One Media Productions. The crew and our customer had a good time creating these videos.

The first one is an opening video. It teases you and prepares you for the video to come.

The second video is RS Warbirds promotiional video of the Shorts Tucano T-MK 1 plane. It is 8 minutes long but trust me even if you know nothing about planes, you will love the videography. This is a great video.

Pro One Media Productions can do this for you too!